Smeigtukai “Vėliavos”



Lipnūs smeigtukai su šalių vėliavomis tai būtinas priedas prie žemėlapio.

Priklijuokite vėliavą prie kiekvienos šalies ir tai patrauks visų dėmesį į jūsų žemėlapį.

Mėgaukitės ir tyrinėkite pasaulį!

Pagaminti iš 3mm faneros.

Atspausdinti UV dažais.

Number of decorations:
161 VNT


!Saugokite nuo vaikų, smulkios detalės, gali užspringti!

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Our products make great gifts

for all occasions

Durable products

made of wood

Easy to use

Full instructions are provided

Why us?

Let's talk briefly about the benefits of choosing Pin And Travel!

Led zemelapis medinis, wooden world led map

6 mm birch plywood

Made of high quality wood.

When engraving titles, the colour of the text is chosen according to the colour of the map

All names are clearly and distinctly visible.

The reverse side of the maps is covered with a strong double-sided adhesive tape

The map is hung in a firm and high-quality manner.

You get not only the continents of the world

The maps also include 35 islands.

We put a small magnet in each capital

If you choose magnetic pins.

LED maps with control panel

For convenient lighting control.

Your order is packed in a beautiful and original box

Perfect for a gift!


In 5 sizes, 6 colours and 3 types.

Detailed instructions for sticking the map are included

Also included specific wooden templates that make it easy to glue the map yourself!

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