Frequently asked questions

Wooden maps are made of birch

The wooden map of the world contains all the major islands, not just the very small islands and islets on the map.

Natural colours The maps are painted with beige-brown wood ink and the selected map type is engraved on the map surface.

Colour maps are painted in brighter colours, which you can choose when you buy the map.

Of course, we will be happy to create a customised map for you for an additional fee depending on the type and size of the map. If you want to know more, just send us an email to info@pinandtravel.ltand our managers will send you all the information.

Yes, we ship worldwide except Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Poland, Russia, Abkhazia, Esvatin, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Nauru, Myanmar, Cape Verde, Iran, Palestine and China.

2D map: 1 layer, 5 to 5,5 mm thick

3D Map: 3 different layers, 6 to 15mm thick

Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, German wooden map sizes:
80 x 60 cm;
100 x 73 cm;
150 x 100 cm;

World 2D and 3D map sizes:
100×60 cm;
150×90 cm;
200×120 cm;
250×150 cm;
300×180 cm;

Blank - Without countries, states and contours
Borders - With country and state outlines
Country - With country names, without outlines
FullPack - With country names and outlines

Most of our maps come with a special double-sided tape that is strong enough, the double-sided tape is glued to the map on the other side, you don’t need to stick anything extra.

LED maps are too heavy for adhesive tape, so you'll get remote brackets and pins to attach to the wall.

Map gluing takes between 2 and 4 hours. Each map comes with detailed instructions on how to measure your wall and how to stick the map correctly.

You will need to use a hairdryer to remove the map from the wall. Direct the airflow between the map block and the wall, wait a bit and then remove them one by one. To reinstall the map, you will need to buy more tape as the old one will be unusable.

Yes, you can choose these decorations by purchasing a map.

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